Sunday, April 19, 2009

He-Man & BattleCat Diorama

Hello Dear Visitors, i have something to post at long last,
here is my entry for the "80's Cartoons" Hardcore Modeling Challenge over at CGTalk

Started 12th March 2009, Completed on 15th April 2009
~14 million polygons
3DsMax, Zbrush & Vray



des said...

great one ;) long time follower

Adrián said...

Incredible friend, really you have left me without plabras. They seem figures of action instead of designs. With its permission subi these images blog of Argentina. Greetings

Anonymous said...

AMAZING DUDE!! Also, with your permission, I submitted the images and a link to your website on Here is the link to the thread:

orange3D said...

looks great, a massive modelling job
it feels like an action figure toy, which i like! :)

Luis Molina said...

Excelent work!

ynvaser said...

Awesome. It's really realistic. I wish I could make stuff like you do.