Monday, February 11, 2008

Freeza WIP

Posed Freeza slightly, and Powered him up.
Still need to add battle damage to him.

Unbelievable :-) , My SSJ Goku got up the Top Row in the Zbrush Forum!  :-D  :-D


TengChia said...


Jei Matteus Damani said...

Bro. You are awesome. I dream of being as skilled as you.

Im just an onlooker though - havent even begun to study the industry or its techniques.

But wow. Your awesome.

Tadeu Carielo said...

Hooooo !!! great works!!!

Jip said...'s so cool
The wip on freeza it's beautifull but your render on goku is ...(in french we say : "mortel !!!")

good working ;)

Anonymous said...

wahhhh gret work im a big fan of dbz and i like it very much ^^ can we hope to see an tutorial of your work to see how make it?

ynvaser said...

Wow man... impressive! Keep it up, can't wait to see the battle damage skin.

Seian said...

Well done. I like this 3D model. It´s very similar anime version. Freeza have any reflexion in the top head side. Great work modeling. I would like modeling like you in ZBrush. I must know more this software in the future. Gongratulation. You are an example for all 3d modelers.